Portugal has amazing resources and it’s always great to see them being turned into something unexpected and innovative. Yesterday I came across an article on Pelcor, a Portuguese brand that works with cork and applies it to everyday objects, creating beautiful design items. I’m always saying that Portugal has so much to give, and in the last few years our creative and entrepreneurial spirit have been putting it on the map. It’s not only our resources that are amazing, we also have incredible people doing great things with those same resources. This inventive spirit is something that I think characterizes us as a people.

Taking something very traditional and turning it into beautiful and eco-friendly objects is a beautiful idea and it’s great to see this happening! The brand even has a vegan line, putting them on the frontline of what is still considered a niche market.

I’m really happy to see that sustainability is starting to get on everybody’s minds. We only have one planet and if we can find a way to save it while making beautiful and long-lasting things with what it provides us with, then maybe yes, we do deserve it.

You can read the full article here and get to know a bit more about cork, the brand, and their plans for the future. They’re really taking things a step further into the bigger game!

In Miguel Stanley